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Your skin, our problem.

Our Skin Care Service

Skin care

Here at Concept Wellness Center, we believe that your skin can affect how you feel. A good skincare routine and a little help from us can reveal healthy skin and make you feel more beautiful than ever. We approach skincare with you in mind and give you a personalized treatment that will give you the results that you need to feel better or continue to feel great about your skin.


Have a look below for some of our services.

Chemical Peel

Our natural and hypoallergenic chemical peel is used to remove the outer most layer of your skin to treat skin discoloration, wrinkles and scars. The skin to grows after the chemical peel is noticeably younger and smoother looking.

Laser Spot Removal Treatment

Our non-invasive light therapy stops melanin producing skin cells without damaging the outer skin layer. Age spots and discoloration are visibly lighter after treatment.

Facial Detox

A facial detox is used to remove impurities, toxins, pollutants, and dead skin to visibly reduce pores and revitalizes your skint to reveal how it looked before. We assess your individual needs to customize a treatment that works best for you.

Other Services Include:

  • Depigmentation

  • Facials

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